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The CTX 3030 Roundtable Expert Users Weigh In

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We take a deep dive in to the strengths and weaknesses of the CTX 3030 metal detector by interviewing two master users.

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Hi, my name is Merrill Kazanjian. New York City is an amazing place to go metal detecting. We have lots of parks, colonial history and great beaches for beach detecting. I have gone to all five boroughs of New York City To Metal Detect and beyond. I also currently own 16 metal detectors. I want to have the best and I want to help you choose the best as well. Below I will showcase some of the playlists on this channel:

By Metal Detector:
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Minelab Soveriegn: (Coming Soon)

I have a playlist of metal detecting videos to teach metal detecting. The videos in the playlist below are specifically made to teach the skills and mindset to becoming a great metal detectorist.

Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks:

I am a treasure hunter. So in addition to metal detecting, I go mudlarking at sites such as Dead Horse Bay. Think of mudlarking as metal detecting without a metal detector.

Dead Horse Bay:

All Of My Metal Detecting Treasure Hunting Videos:
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Playlist By New York City Borough:
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Cleaning Metal Detecting/Mudlarking Finds:
Can We Clean It:
Cleaning Coins:

Other Playlists:
Metal Detecting Rap Videos:
Merrill's Thought & VLogs:
Rusty Notch (Country Metal Detecting Music):
Gold Mining:
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My most important series is called Becoming A Millionaire Metal Detecting. I am trying to monetize my favorite hobby in order to do it more in the future. In other words, we put the clad we find in the ground, affiliate earnings, and merchandise earnings in to the stock market and we invest it. This show started in January 2019.

Becoming A Millionaire Metal Detecting:

I have been uploading to YouTube since 2008. Here is a link to my art channel. It has more than 100,000 subscribers:

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