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NZ Basic Fishing Surfcasting trip doesn t go to plan

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Hello and welcome to Basic Fishing from New Zealand. It was a winter's day but the conditions were extremely ideal and I decided to try my luck on surfcasting off the West Coast of the Manukau Harbour entrance. Unfortunately things did not exactly go to plan as I ran into unseen obstacles, from getting bitten off by a shark 4 times, running into a weed problem and no other fish turning up. However despite a bad day's fishing, I still had fun being out especially during a great weather during winter and I managed to find an awesome treasure out on the beach as well. Not to mention, I finally got to film some action on my GoPro Hero Black 8 as well which gave out some great footage

#nzbasicfishing #beachfishing #nzfishing

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Tackle used:
Black Magic Flasher Rig (Tarakihi Terror 3/0)
Black Magic 4 -8kg Rolling Swivel
Black Magic 60lb Tough Trace
Black Magic 3/0 KLT Recurve Hook
Black Magic 4/0 KLT Recurve Hook
Black Magic 4/0 KL Recurve Hook
Black Magic 5/0 KL Recurve Hook

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