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NSP 176 James Sakker A Snapper Hunting Technique Telemarketing Getting Barnacled

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Interview with James Sakker Today's episode is with James Sakker, aka Sakker J - The best telemarketer you didn't know of! Absolutely mad about spearfishing, we chat about hunting Snapper, Dhufish, big Abalone, some interesting tips for using crayfish to call fish, hunting in cold dirty water and dealing with sharks! James is well travelled and has speared in many places all over the world, he recounts his time in the USA and in Mexico going from cold dirty Great White infested waters to warm, clear water with huge fish around. James has also submitted a bunch of recipes to 99 Spearo Recipes so keep an eye out for his recipes when it comes out! There is also a great discussion on dealing with sharks and his experiences with different species in different parts of the world. He also wears a tourniquet and has a great Youtube channel!

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Important times: 00:13 Intro 05:27 Welcome James! 06:15 There were some cool magazines out when I started spearfishing like ISFN and SDM 07:36 Shoutout to some real legends 10:22 99 Spearo Recipes 11:18 Where did your love for spearfishing start? 13:00 A freerange child 15:22 Political changes and people making laws on a computer 17:48 Stand out memories from when you started spearfishing 23:00 What is your fishery like? Dhue Fish life cycle 25:23 Lobsters: Eastern vs Southern 27:40 Best eating: East, west or south? 29:24 Fish and Cray mounts 30:17 Snapper is a special fish that I've put 100's of dives in to get a 10kg+ and the first Snapper I shot 34:42 People who don't spear or fish don't see these rare and amazing sights 35:55 Finding spots and hunting tips 38:25 Learning to hunt in the water and learning the seasons and times of day 42:56 Time spent in the water and hunting snapper tips 46:37 How did you learn to use lobster as bait? 50:58 Hot smoking Mackerel recipe 53:15 Spearo marine scientists 57:42 Tourniquets and TacMed - I got bitten by a shark 01:03:17 Big abalone in the USA 01:06:35 Ling Cod 01:08:03 What's Oregon like? 01:09:29 Mexico has some incredible diving and one of my best diving days 01:13:45 Gulf of Mexico vs the Sea of Cortez: Cold vs Warm water and prospecting wild islands 01:17:34 Palapas Ventana trip and going to the USA 01:20:11 What's the Gulf of Mexico like? 01:22:02 New Zealand and scary sharks 01:24:03 The only shark I've ever had to shoot 01:28:21 Bronze Whalers vs Dusky Whalers 01:29:42 Have you learned how to deal with sharks over your years? Charging Great Whites 01:34:04 Great Whites 01:35:02 Killer Whales / Orca's 01:36:05 Spearfishing puts you back into the food chain 01:38:16 Diving in big seas and slippery rocks 01:42:28 Loaded guns out of the water 01:43:58 Barracuda 01:48:19 What's in your dive bag? Immersion wetsuit, DiveR fins, Edge speargun, Ronstan float, Omer mask 01:53:40 Spearo Q&A Best piece of advice: slow down If you could start over: nothing would change What struggles do you have? Ears and sharks What's something unique that you do? Do lots of prospecting and navigating using landmarks Spearfishing experience in 1 sentence 01:56:59 Outro Listen in and subscribe on iOS or Android Important Links Catch it Grow it Cook it

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