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Gopro Hero 9 Ice Fishing Pike

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Gopro Hero 9 Ice Fishing Pike


We hit the ice new years day for catfish but we knew it was a long shot on those. More of a test run filming with the new GoPro Hero 9 and so far I LOVE IT. I'm used to fishing with the hero 4 black edition and the battery life is terrible! In 25 degree temps AND downloading the initial software for the Hero 9 and being on standby all day with over an hour of footage I STILL had 46% battery life on my first battery! Honestly I let Matt set this up for me (as I drove -- plus he's better with them by far) but this is going to be my new go to set up running a hat cam which gets my arms out of the way from the chest mount and I don't have to worry about cords and battery packs like the hero 4. Footage in the future should be far better! Great trial run - few bonus pike!

Pretty much everything in the video used can be found at:
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GoPro Hero 9 -
Kahtoola Micro Spikes -
Milwaukee Fuel 2804 Drill -
Striker Master Lite Flite -
Marcum -
Striker Ice Transporter -
Striker Bibs -
Striker Jacket -
GoPro Hero 4 Black:
Batter Power Banks for all day recording:
Canon 80D:
Joby Tripod for Canon 80D:

Music -

Want to fish with me? Let me know!

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Fish Species Caught and Personal Records to date that are known:
Black Crappie -
Bluegill -
Bullhead -
Burbut - 20 inches Feb 16, 2018
Cabezone -
Channel Catfish
Coho Salmon ~ 15lbs
Common Carp -
Copper Rockfish
English Sole -
Freshwater Drum/Sheepshead -
Gafftopsail Catfish -
Goldeye -
Green Sunfish -
Halibut ~ 30lbs
Lake Trout - 16" Feb 16th, 2018
Largemouth Bass - 21"+ June 21, 2018
Ling Cod - 52lbs
Northern Pike - - Dec 11, 2018
Orange Spotted Sunfish -
Paddlefish - 42lbs
Pinfish -
Pumpkinseed -
Quillback Rockfish -
Rainbow Trout - 20" Feb 17th, 2018
Redfish -
Rock Bass - May 14th, 2018 11" and .84lbs
Sauger -
Sea Trout -
Shorthead Redhorse -
Silver Pike ~ 3lbs
Smallmouth Bass - - 10/9/2017
Spiny Dogfish -
Spotted Muskie ~ 13lbs or roughly 36" ish Oct 28, 2020
Southern Flounder ~ 4lb
Tullibee - 21 1/4" April 03, 2019
Walleye - 9lb 3oz Dec 22, 1986
White Bass - 16 1/2" July 5, 2019
White Crappie
White Spotted Greenling -
White Sucker -
Yellow Eye Snapper - 26lbs
Yellow Perch - 13" - 1lb 3/20/2019

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