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Fishing for European Perch in Australia Redfin Perch

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In this video I head out to catch some European Perch (aka Redfin Perch, English Perch) in Victoria Australia.

Using soft plastics (lures) I manage to get a few from a nice grassy bank on a lake before heading out in the Kayak.

Lure used was an Australian made 2.5" Curly Grub in Green Speck and 3g round jig head from ?aff=2

VFA information quote: "Known to reach 50 cm in length and 10 kg in weight in Australia, most fish in Victoria are smaller, rarely exceeding 2.5 kg.
Native to temperate areas of Europe. Introduced to Australia by fish acclimatisation societies via Tasmania (1862) and Victoria (1868). A popular angling species, with good flesh.

Competes for food and space with native and introduced angling species. Redfin have impacted on native fish stocks by competition, and smaller native fish species through predation.

Redfin breed readily in still waters and tend to over-populate smaller bodies of water resulting in large populations of stunted fish. Redfin are now known to carry a lethal virus which in certain conditions can be transferred to other introduced fish, such as trout, and to native fish. For this reason the transfer of live redfin is discouraged. Some native fish can also be affected at times.

They are carnivorous, taking a wide range of aquatic foods but the larger fish prefer yabbies and other fish. Baits are best presented on a running sinker or paternoster rig.

Redfin are also taken by spinning and trolling using a wide range of spinners and lures. Spinners with vibration and revolving flashing blades are always popular. Jigging (moving a special lure up and down in the water) close in around snags and submerged trees, can also be very productive."

Catching European Perch on lures is great fun! Does anyone want a how to catch Perch video?

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Fishing is a great hobby, so give it a try and most of all, HAVE FUN.
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