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DIGITAL DROP SHOT Catch perch pike and zander every time with the Fox Rage Digital Drop Shot

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Upgrade your fishing with the Digital Drop shot!

We couldn’t wait until the official launch to show you this exciting new product we have been developing. Fishing knowledge meets scientific innovation to give you the ultimate edge in fish catching technology. If there are fish nearby, the Digital Drop Shot will bring them straight to your lure.

Digital Drop Shot Weight:

- Emits micro frequency signals that attract predatory species
- Activated once it hits the water
- Pre programmed signals of distressed roach, bleak and minnow (with more species added soon)
- Signals are picked up by predator's lateral lines causing them to strike your lure
- 8 hour battery life
- Rechargeable

You can see the range of Fox Rage tackle being used in this video here:

Keep up to date with all the latest on our other social channels:

If you love fishing for predators then Fox Rage TV is place for you. Our channel covers insight in targeting everything from pike, perch and zander to catfish, asp and chub, with expert tips and tactics from our anglers to help you catch more and bigger fish.

Fox Rage videos also showcase our latest predator fishing tackle products and innovations, including lures, rods, reels, braid and accessories across our four brands; Fox Rage, Fox Rage Predator, Salmo and Strike King.

We offer something for all predator anglers. From the novice lure angler looking to get a grip of the basics, such as dropshot and jig fishing, or picking the right lure and locating fish, to experienced fishermen who want to take their angling to the next level, our videos can help.

With new lure and predator videos loaded all the time, our aim is to not only help you catch more and bigger fish but to get more out of your fishing.

We are proud partners of the Angling Trust. If you would like to join and help to secure the future of fishing in the UK, you can do so here:

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