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Catching Mangrove Snappers Sheepshead Big Barracuda using Live Shrimp in Tampa Bay

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Saltwater Fishing Tampa is all about Fishing & Having Fun!
This Video is about Catching Big Healthy Mangrove Snappers, Sheepshead and a Big Barracuda in Tampa Bay during Late October using live Shrimp and chumming with chunks of Threadfin Herring.

Catching 5 Nice Healthy Tampa Bay Mangrove, Lots of Sheepshead and hooking into a Big Barracuda!
What a Fantastic Day of Saltwater Fishing Tampa Bay!
Trying new methods for catching Mangrove Snappers & Sheepshead using my modified knocker rig which is an Excellent way to present bait in strong currents. Everything hits the modified knocker rig with Live Shrimp!
To top it all off, A Big Barracuda hit either a Mangrove I hooked or the big shrimp I was using.
I fought him for 20 minutes using my Shimano Twin Power 4000 Spinning Reel and Tallus PX 20-50 lb medium fast action rod. What a Fight he put up!
The best way is to not over-power the fish. Make him work for line but take it back when he acts tired. If he wants to run, let him, but take it back again. That’s how you tire the fish out. That was a good example of playing the fish.
He was Tearing line off constantly! What a fight! I estimate he was 4 feet long and maybe 25-30 lbs.
Tried to gaff him near the boat but it was difficult with a shorter gaff and then he broke off. Was very pleased to fight him for so long. Tampa Bay is an Exciting Place to fish and you never know what you’ll Catch!

It’s all About Fishing & Having Fun Saltwater Fishing Tampa Bay.

Mangrove Snappers are really Exciting to Catch and put up a really Great Fight! They Hit Really Fast! If you’re not paying attention, (Like I was a couple times) you’ll lose the mangrove or miss the hit!
The best way to catch mangroves is using live bait. You can use live shrimp or greenbacks. Whatever bait you can find available, they will most likely bite on.
Using light braid line and fluorocarbon leaders will put more fish in your cooler.
Also fishing the tide changes just before, during and after.
During the winter months, shrimp are much more available and I use those. Sheepshead will also hit the shrimp so that’s an extra bonus!
Saltwater Fishing Tampa videos are all about Changing fishing strategies & tactics to match conditions and that’s exactly what I did. That’s how to catch Fish and have Fun doing it!

You will learn how to catch more fish using these simple and easy to learn proven techniques for catching more saltwater fish. Coming home with a cooler of fish instead of fish stories is much better! Try these techniques and they will help you.

Also learn that using the correct leader material such as, Seaguar Blue Label 100% fluorocarbon leaders which are almost invisible to fish, will get you more fish hook ups. Many more!

Learn how to catch more fish by going with lighter braid main line and lighter leader material will also create more fish hookups by making the line almost invisible and your bait appear more natural.

Keep the Comments Coming Please!
Good luck and Happy Fishing!


Yellowtail Snapper Jigs: =sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=yellowtail+snapper+jigs&qid=1631064921&sr=8-5

Kwizing Fish Scaler:

Cuda Marine 8” fish Shears:

Carbon Steel Sharpening Steel:

Live Bait Near Maximo Park:

Foam Off:

Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leaders:

Marine Metals Bait Wells

Marine Metals Power Bubbles

My Favorite Fishing Reels/Rods

Shimano Twin Power SW4000 Reel on Shimano Tallus 20-50 lb. Medium Fast Action Rod 7’2”

Shimano Thunnus 4000 Reel on Shimano Terez 20-50 lb. Medium Fast Action Rod 7’2”

Shimano Thunnus 8000 Reel on Shimano Terez 40-80 lb. Medium Heavy Fast Action Rod 7’2”

Shimano Saragosa 5000 Reel on Shimano Tallus 50-100 lb. Medium Heavy Fast Action Rod 7’2”

Shimano Saragosa 14000 Reel on Shimano Terez 65-200 lb. Extra Heavy Fast Action Rod 7’2”

Shimano Trinidad 16a Reel on Shimano Terez 65-200 lb. Extra Extra Heavy Fast Action Rod 6’6”

Daiwa Saltiga LD 20 on Shimano Terez PX 20-50 med-fast 7’2” 20 lb PowerPro

Braid used: Daiwa J-Braid & PowerPro 30 & 40lb and then 50lb PowerPro on my Trinidad

Hooks: Gamakatsu & Mustad Ultra Point. 2/0, 4/0 & 7/0.

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